Mission and methodology


Irídia is an association that works for the defenSe of human rights in Catalonia, specifically focused on civil and political rights. We combine direct intervention in situations of violation of human rights with the development of social and political advocacy processes that aim to promote change in public policy. To this end, we use a stable, sustainable and independent structure.


At Irídia, we develop comprehensive intervention strategies in situations of human rights violations by providing legal and psychosocial assistance to the persons concerned, with a view to empowering them. During the process, we take into account their emotional environments. Moreover, if the person affected agrees, we turn the processes into strategic litigations in order to raise standards of human rights protection. We focus on achieving effective equality and non-discrimination in terms of gender justice.

We also carry out political and social advocacy work by organising communication campaigns and through direct interaction with different political and parliamentary parties, local authorities and the Catalan and Spanish governments. Moreover, each area of our organisation specialises in specific fields so as to offer advice on public policies.

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