Technical areas

Psychosocial Care


The Psychosocial Care area creates support and care networks for people, families and groups affected by violations of human rights, providing psychosocial tools that foster resilience and empowerment, to help them overcome the effects of violence.

Lines of work

  • Tracking and highlighting the repressions mechanisms used, the impacts and the coping strategies developed by groups and people affected.
  • Working on recovery processes for psychological and psychosocial damage.
  • Organising training, dialogue and discussion on the actual situation of human rights from a psychosocial perspective.
  • Taking care of the team, promoting role playing activities and exercises and organising internal emotional care sessions, fostering best practices, sustainability and good treatment.
  • Providing psychosocial and psycho-legal support to people and groups regarding the violation of their rights, prioritising the cases managed by SAIDAVI.

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