The Service for Handling and Reporting Cases of Institutional Violence (SAIDAVI, abbreviated in Catalan) provides legal and psychosocial support to people suffering maltreatment within the Catalan criminal justice system.

If you have been subject of institutional violence, you can contact us at (0034) 693 28 73 23 or at

Legal team

Our Legal team is made up of criminal defence lawyers specialised in protecting human rights. We provide advice, legal assistance and representation in judicial proceedings according to decisions made by the entity.

Psychosocial team

Our Psychosocial team is made up of professionals experienced in supporting people and groups in contexts involving political violence and violation of fundamental rights. This support is oriented to increase people’s strength and resilience to pain and trauma. We provide direct care to people affected, to family members and to other persons around them through a comprehensive approach.


This project is jointly coordinated by the entity and by the System of Documentation and Communication of Institutional Violence Situations (SIRECOVI) of the Universitat de Barcelona’s Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH).

+34 93 402 44 17
+34 93 403 96 72

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