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IRÍDIA FEST is a human rights and cultural festival born out of the reflection that it is essential to prove that there are collective and empowering alternatives to tackle the radicalisation of hatred, through the generation of community and celebration spaces.

The festival is committed to the development and promotion of culture, understood as an essential part of the defence of human rights on a historical level and to claim the role of art as the backbone of transformative ideas.

For the development and production of the IRÍDIA Fest we have joined Say It Loud, which, under the motto City – Culture – Community, is commited with the social economy values and has been calling for the role of art in this regard for 13 years. Say It Loud is a project of Quesoni cooperative, which works in the field of culture from event management, programming and artistic and technical services of sound, lighting and audiovisuals.

We denounce the unacceptable. Let’s imagine the desirable.
Second edition of the IrídiaFest. Tickets already on sale through crowfunding drip.

Two days with musical and scenic proposals, local and international, where culture and human rights converge. With this festival we claim the role of culture to create shared imaginaries capable of transforming the reality, and at the same time we help to finance the service of attention and denunciation (SAIDAVI) guaranteeing its gratuity.

Together with Say it Loud (project of the cooperative Quesoni) we have prepared a luxury program for you:

Friday, February 16

“No soy tú gitana” by Síliva Agüero: More than an hour of humor, dance and curses. Antigitanism without pretensions of deconstructing anyone.

Flamenco performance with Rafael Perona and Carmen Amador.

Saturday, February 17th

Dowdelin: Creole Afrofuturism with roots to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Armenia.

Lapili: Afrobeat, dancehall and attitude of an artist who has been to London, Ghana and Madrid.

Tarquim: With a powerful wind section specially assembled for the occasion and anticipating much of the repertoire that will make up his second LP. Salsa and Afro-Cuban music from the hand of one of the most solid and elegant formations of recent times.

LA BULLA PERREO: with JAHZZMVN & ACEITUNAS NEGRA. A party to sweat it out with reggaeton, dancehall, demBow, hip hop, Afro Beatos… With an underground and anti-commercial look for the enjoyment of all those of you who are starting to get bored of listening to the same tracks at every party.

A project with the support of Say it Loud and the complicity of Sala Paral·lel 62.

Tickets not available