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About us

“For oppressed people, it is very important to know that they are not alone. Do not let anyone tell you that what you do is insignificant.” Desmond Tutu

Irídia is an association that works in Catalonia to defend human rights, primarily civil and political. We are committed to combining direct intervention in situations of violation of rights with the development of processes of political and social incidence whose objective is to promote changes in public policies; all this through a stable, sustainable and independent structure.


To promote and defend human rights, especially civil and political rights, using a methodology based on a combination of strategic litigation, psychosocial intervention, transformative communication, and political advocacy from an intersectional feminist approach.


To contribute as a useful, rigorous, and independent tool in the state and international Catalan network of social organizations and movements in defence of human rights.



Our legal, communication and political advocacy actions must be based precisely on facts and data that are contrasted from a position connected to the social, economic and political reality of the moment.

Social Transformation

Our action to promote and defend rights must be oriented towards generating cultural, social, legal and/or political changes.


The positions of the entity will be taken independently by its members without pressure from the Administration, political parties, economic or financial powers.

Global Justice

Our organization defends civil and political rights from an economic, environmental, social, gender, and anti-racist justice framework from a global perspective.


The entity must give its members and citizens access to the content of strategic decisions taken, as well as economic decisions and its accounting reality.


  • Aina Estarellas Roca
  • Ester Quintana Porras
  • Jordi de Senespleda Puigdefàbregas
  • Pau Berbel Ortega
  • Irene Santiago Santiago
  • Andreu Van den Eynde
  • Carmen Juares Palma
  • Blanca Garcés Mascareñas
  • Jordi Bosch de Borja
  • Natalia Santolaria Carceller
  • Carlos Vallejo Calderón

Technical team

  • Anaïs Franquesa Griso
  • Irene Garcia Terrades
  • Laura Riba Singlà
  • Lucia Escobedo Marín
  • Oumnya Benguette
SAIDAVI and Strategic Litigation
  • Alba Guasch Casadevall
  • Sònia Olivella Saludes
  • Marta Vallverdú Santiago
  • Elisenda Pradell Gejo
  • Laura Medina Ferreras
  • Mireia Salazar Gabarró
  • Ton Mansilla Jacas
  • Brian Ventura Jiménez
  • Marta Llonch Valsells
Advocacy and Control of the Security Forces
  • Irene Urango i Montilla
Migration policy and Border
  • Maite Daniela LoCoco
  • Siham Jessica Korriche
Defending civil society space
  • Cèlia Carbonell Cassanyes
Deprivation of liberty
  • Mireia Salazar Gabarró
Transitional Justice
  • Andrea Carrera Brugués
  • Sònia Olivella Saludes
  • Cira Martínez Portero
  • Natàlia Abrego Cantalejo
  • Paula Rossi
  • Elisenda Pradell Gejo
  • Borja Lozano Castro
  • Lucía Foraster Garriga

Organizational chart

Irídia’s team comprises people with different professional backgrounds: lawyers, psychologists, journalists, political scientists and sociologists that provide expertise in the field of human rights protection. We combine paid technical work with voluntary and activist work.

Membership meeting
  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Spokesperson
  • Areas of work
  • Care space


The current bylaws of Iridia Association – Centre for the Defence of Human Rights, registered in the Register of Associations on October 19th 2018, are the attached registered Statutes.