Mission Statement

In the area of the right to protest we intervene in case of human rights violations produced in the exercise of freedom of expression, freedom of information, the right to assembly and demonstration and/or the right to strike. We work for the defense and promotion of civil and political rights and liberties, because we understand that through them they exercise, demand and defend the rest of the rights.


Lines of action

  • Monitoring of violations of rights that occur in public space, with special emphasis on situations that can be experienced collectively that make greater use of public space. We place emphasis on situations that may arise from situations of racism or sexist violence.
  • Organization of campaigns of political and social incidence with the objective of promoting normative changes and in the practices about the management of the public space.
  • Monitoring of cases brought from SAIDAVI related to people or groups affected by institutional violence in the exercise of the rights of assembly, demonstration, expression or information.