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  • If you want to make a donation by bizum, you only have to send it to the number "02651" with the subject "donation", within the option "support a charitable cause". Some banks also offer to search directly for Irídia under the option "support a charitable cause or NGO".

What does it mean to be a member of Irídia?

  • Contribute to the development of a free social service that is for everyone.
  • The possibility of being part of and participating in the General Assembly, which is convened twice a year.
  • Receive information about our activities.

Choose the fee that best suits you:

  • Half-year 25€
  • Annual 50€
  • Half-year 40€
  • Annual 80€
  • Half-year 80€
  • Annual 160€
  • 6€ per month (72€ per year)
  • 12€ per month (144€ per year)

Només cal que marquis l’opció que prefereixes al formulari. Si en algun moment vols canviar de quota, podràs fer-ho quan vulguis a través de la teva àrea personal, trucant-nos al 693 563 529 or sending us an email at [email protected]..

Donor Circle

From Irídia we have always defended the power of the citizenship, as well as the economic and political independence as an organization. This is why, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the free Service of Attention and Denunciation of situations of Institutional Violence

We have attended 570 cases between January 2016 and the present, in situations generated in demonstrations, in public space, in police stations, in the Center for the Internment of Foreigners and in prisons.

We propose you to make a contribution from 500 euros to become part of the circle of donors and, if you are satisfied and circumstances allow it, to repeat the following year.

You will find all the information here. If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].