Third confirmed case of eye mutilation by foam bullet impact

bala de foam
Imatge: Jordi Borràs

The Court of Instruction number 7 investigates the injuries caused to A.K. a young man extutelado of the Generalitat who suffered the impact of a police projectile on October 18, 2019 in the street Trafalgar of Barcelona.

The forensic medical report made by the court indicates that the injury is compatible with a high velocity impact of an object compatible with a 40 millimeter diameter foam projectile.

This is the third case of loss of an eye due to the impact of a foam bullet after a forensic doctor attributed the injury suffered by a young man on October 14, 2019 to a foam bullet, despite the archiving of the proceedings for lack of a known perpetrator. Likewise, last February 16, 2021, a young woman suffered the loss of an eye due to the impact of a foam bullet in Via Augusta street in Barcelona. Two agents of Mossos are charged for the facts. In addition, two weeks ago was released the case of Olga, a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury by the impact of a foam bullet to Jardinets de Gracia on October 18, 2019. She was left as sequels 85% of deafness in an ear and chronic epilepsy. He has sued in the Generalitat at administrative level.

The 4 cases, represented by Irídia, show the seriousness of the injuries that can be caused by foam projectiles. The Police Model Commission, recently created in the Parliament, has to evaluate if we as a society want to admit that such serious injuries can be generated in the framework of a demonstration. Within the framework of the Commission, Irídia will present its position on this issue in detail. In addition these 4 cases demonstrate the lack of traceability of these projectiles as well as the intolerable lack of capacity of the Mossos corps to identify those responsible for the foam traits. We insist on the need to review the internal control mechanisms as well as to create an independent control mechanism with wide competences.

Finally, it is imperative that the Department of Interior urgently modify the protocol for the use of foam because it is prohibited to shoot at the height of the head, as approved last week in a Resolution of the Parliament of Catalonia. Until the Commission of Police Model approves the conclusions it remains near a year and the prohibition of shooting above the abdomen has to be reflected in the protocol of urgent way.